I haven’t got that many true friends. I rarely give all of me when I meet people because I’ve been stung too often. But when I do then I’m a friend for life. I know a lot of people and I have a lot of acquaintances and I generally like everybody that I meet but I hold something back. I had been wondering about this and I didn’t really get to any conclution until I talked to one good friend of mine about this among other things. True friends, he said, are those who you don’t have to phone all the time but who you just catch up with when you meet them and it’s like you never spent time apart. Yep, I think he’s right.

But true friends are more, they are the ones that take you like you are and forgive you all your little peculiarities or eccentricities and whom you forgive the same right back. True friends will travel over the world to be with you if you need them. They are the one you feel comfortable enough around to trust with you secrets knowing that they will not tell them to others. True friends are indeed hard to find but once you’ve made the commitment to someone that he or she is a friend then you’re half way there. I would do all that I could for my friends and I know that they would do the same for me.

I am therefore happy to say that I do not have that many friends but all of them are good ones.